8tracks Uploader

8tracks Uploader 0.90

Simple uploader to speed up 8tracks playlist creation


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Option to launch at start-up


  • No advanced options
  • Must log-in to 8tracks' website to actually create a playlist


8tracks Uploader lets you click and drag music to automatically update your 8tracks account.

Remember the days before MP3 players, where people would make mix tapes or CDs when they wanted some variety in their musical lives? 8tracks brings back the memories with a simple but addictive idea that lets users create their own playlists and share with others.

If you have a Mac, it's even easier to create playlists with 8tracks Uploader. 8tracks Uploader has a simple interface and is just as easy to use. Just open up your iTunes library, click and drag from there to the 8tracks Uploader. You'll have to have an account set up on the 8tracks online interface, but once logged in, your songs are just a simple click away from being uploaded.

Unfortunately, to actually create an 8tracks playlist, you need to hop over to the website and build your song list from there. 8tracks Uploader's sole purpose it to let you upload multiple songs at once onto the 8tracks - compiling the playlists is a separate action. Perhaps in future versions, 8tracks Uploader will let you create the actual playlists right from your desktop.

8tracks also has an app available for your iPhone that lets you listen to great mixed music on the go.

8tracks Uploader is a simple and easy way to upload music to your online 8tracks account and start churning out some great playlists.

8tracks Uploader


8tracks Uploader 0.90

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